Tuition Monster Fun for Kids

See Tuition Monster dress up

What do you want to be when you grow up?

See what Tuition Monster would look like in some of your favorite careers.

Be a Smart Saver

Complete these three steps to earn a Junior Smart Saver certificate:

  1. Talk to an adult in your life about the job they do and what training is required. Ask if they completed education after high school and where.
  2. Learn the skills, education or training required for a job you want to do when you grow up. Ask an adult to help.
  3. Start saving for something important in the future. It may be a special toy, a car when you can drive or college! Use a jar or piggy bank to save some of the money you receive as gifts, doing chores, even pennies you find on the ground. A penny saved is one you don’t have to borrow!

Once you’ve finished these tasks, you’ve earned the Junior Smart Saver certificate!

Watch Tuition Monster in action on YouTube

See some of his most hilarious moments.

September is College Savings Month!
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