Taming Tips for Adults

The Tuition Monster gets out of hand pretty quickly, like a new puppy. He’ll throw parties when you aren’t home and clog up the shower drain with green fur.

But there’s a sure fire way to tame him that doesn’t involve an exterminator.

Simply follow the four-step Tuition Monster Taming certification program and you can tone down the big green guy. Complete all four tasks to earn your Tuition Monster Tamer certificate.

Adults, here are steps YOU can take to tame a Tuition Monster:

  1. Learn about the importance of saving for higher education and the many advantages of 529 plans.
  2. Use the College Savings Planner to find out how much college could cost.
  3. Start a 529 college savings account. A dollar saved is one you don’t have to borrow!
  4. Talk to your child or grandchild about the importance of saving and education.

Once you’ve completed all these tasks, you’ve earned the Tuition Monster Tamer certification!

Keep your certification current with these continuing education activities:

  1. Check your account regularly to ensure it is on its way to meeting your higher education savings goal. Refer to the College Savings Planner to compare your savings balance to the cost of college.
  2. Increase your contributions as you are able. The following can provide additional funds for your account:
    • Birthdays
    • Holidays
    • Tax refunds
    • Annual work bonuses/salary increases
    • Savings when your child grows out of diapers or daycare
September is College Savings Month!
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