History of the Tuition Monster

The Tuition Monster has been around as long as the anxiety of affording higher education has existed and he can be found in any home that’s experiencing this stress. With education costs continuing to rise, parents and grandparents are starting to see him as early as their future graduate’s birth!

Once he’s settled in, he’s hard to get rid of. He’s in your closet. He’s taking up room on the couch. He’s eating all your food! But as soon as the concern about paying for higher education goes away, so does he. Unfortunately for some families, that can be well after your graduate leaves school.

When it comes to a child’s career ambitions, there’s no bigger cheerleader than the Tuition Monster. In fact, he’s so busy encouraging children to chase their dreams, he doesn’t realize what a giant pain he is for parents. Fortunately 529 savings plans can help tame the monster–and help parents say goodbye to him forever.

September is College Savings Month!
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